En clave de @gijon: Sí a dia de hoy @FOROGijon no tiene una propuesta mejor que esta mentira para el muro es que piensa hacer lo mismo que hizo su jefe de Tráfico durante 8 años: Nada

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With the aim of reflecting on our drift as a species, the cultural, scientific, technological environment and its development through our own history, Ekumen Souvenirs was born. The proposal starts from a future situation and / or scenario where objects are found outside their context and time, and as if it were a science fiction novel we speculate about their origin.

Inspired by the Ekumen worlds of  Úrsula K. Leguin.

7 july 2021

Different formats and mix of materials such as paint, epoxy, resins and concrete with molds made from topographic data of various planets of the solar system. Some of these sculptural pieces have electronic components with various functions.


Art, design, hardware, production: Román Torre y Ángeles Angulo.

28ª Antón grant to support the scultoric creation, Museo Antón, Candás, Asturias.