En clave de @gijon: Sí a dia de hoy @FOROGijon no tiene una propuesta mejor que esta mentira para el muro es que piensa hacer lo mismo que hizo su jefe de Tráfico durante 8 años: Nada

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The Last Chance project is inspired by arcade-type arcade machines and attempts to reflect the problems associated with global warming in a “playable” experience. I was struck by the possibility of reproducing these climatic events in a tangible way so that during the course of a game several of these scenarios can be addressed, while at the same time being able to directly somatize the problem of extreme weather.

Awared project for #Planetadebug research residence.

Custom arcade machine ( 90cmx80cmx70cm ) with water and other climate fx inside.

Concept / production / Design / Coding : Román Torre y Ángeles Angulo.

#Climate Replay | Sala Menador, Castellón.

#Climate Replay | Centre del Carme de cultura contemporanía, Valencia.