Bueno pues aquí en #ultimaoportunidad ya hay lluvia, niebla, viento y faltaba la luz. Cada vez falta menos para que me ponga ya con el juego. El hardware me está llevando más de lo normal porque me vine arriba totalmente 😂😂😂 cc: @PlanetaDebug @rotorstudio


"Our intention is to research the extent to which art and design can function as mediators of scales that translate the digital sublime into concrete images that are more digestible, as well as easy to understand and perceive."


En vez de garantizar los derechos básicos a la vivienda y la cultura, te ayudan a financiar a quien no está por garantizar estos derechos. ¿Que podría salir mal? 🤦

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CLICKBAITCOUNTER basically consists of a speculative design router that materializes through physical “touches”, the filter it performs on lists of IPs or websites considered as “ClickBait”. This time the physical touches will be made on a shift dispenser on which we can check numerically, the number of times we unconsciously link with this type of websites not very well intended.


What we call Clickbait ?: Clickbait is a neologism in English used in a pejorative way to describe Internet content that aims to generate advertising revenue, especially at the expense of the quality or accuracy of these, depending on sensationalist headlines to attract a higher proportion of clicks and encourage the sending of such material through social networks.


To check its operation, we can connect as a usual wifi access point and navigate as if we did in any other network. If we are lucky, we will probably find that the router will activate its small arm to indicate on the scoreboard that it has detected one of these pages or links at some time.


Internet Object. Variable measures.


Román Torre – Concep, design, code.
Ángeles Angulo – Production.


El País.