Body Mutations is an interactive piece, a Sci-Fi dispositive that leads us through a short story based on science fiction: the human race is threatened by an invisible virus. Nobody knows about this virus and government authority force population to do a corporal scanner test by temporary dispositives placed around the cities and villages. Anybody having information about what is happening but images show a global chaos, for this reason each person has to do this scan under preventive arrest.


“Due to strange invisible mutations that are affecting a large portion of the population, the government informed that it has decreed an obligatory scan for all the population. If you are not affected, the dispositive indicates that it will save your morphology information in a public database where researcher from all over the world are working for an effective antidote.”


Object – Video installation with scanner system in 360º in a dark or low light room.
Installation size (aprox). 4m x 2m x 1m.
Duration: Aprox 1’30’’


Concept: Román Torre
Software: Felipe L.Navarro y Román Torre
Hardware: Román Torre y Cristina Tévar
Production assistance: Cristina Tévar
Design and tech production:: Rotor Studio
Comisioned by:
Festival Fenomens.