The work was born by an abstract idea, where we are looking for an object with a large physical load that can visually liquefy to play with their spatial properties. Following this research, We encounter the truncated polyhedron of German Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer from the masterpiece, named Melancholia 1. Theorists, mathematicians and art historian are trying to understand this composition, where the objects related to geometry or mathematics, a sphere or the Dürer polyhedron, are put in with other objects and principal characters. Finally, the work is composed of polyhedron recreation object with a sculptural appearance, where material states will be happening dynamically and immersive for the viewers senses.

Liquid series / Melancolia has been awarded first prize in the Micromapping category and Best Micromapping in the International Micromapping Festival in Girona (2015).

Object – Videomapping installation on rotating object. Installation size (aprox). 4m x 3m x 2m. Loop 5m.

Concept & tech production: Román Torre.
3D & Motion graphics: Paco Gramaje & Gonzalo Marín.
Production assistance: Cristina Tévar.
Sound: Felipe L. Navarro.

El Punt Avui.