The temporary installation consisted in the intervention of the mountain with an 8 × 8 pixel LED screen that reflects and collects the images of the movement inside the Black Center. In an abstract and distributed way through the mountain, the moving pixels invoked objects that fit the definition of Oopar (Out of Place Artifact / en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oopart), creating a hybrid landscape between natural and technological , drawing the attention of the people towards the presence of people performing tasks foreign to the usual environment of the valley.

Excerpt from recordings taken during the intervention carried out in the exterior of the Black Center, in Blanca (Murcia), within Intervention II. A week of research and development of facilities inspired by the natural and local environment of Blanca, in the heart of the Ricote Valley.

Duratión video: 2h 40m.
Sound: Digitally treated ambient sound.



Concept and production: Roman Torre.
Long exposure photo thanks Helena del LLano.
Sound of the MakingOff: “Hidden in the snow” / Trent Reznor and Atticus Ros.

Comissioned by:
Abrahan Hurtado / AADK ( aadk.org/).