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Avatar * is a dance solo that takes as a starting point the investigation and interaction of a body in movement on a virtual and interactive space. Throughout the show, the interpreter will face unfamiliar situations and spaces with which she will be able to interact and make her own progress decisions, maintaining a constant dialogue with the software. Avatar * has as an interpretive-conceptual premise the fact of representing and playing on stage with our own avatar, which is nothing more than the virtual representation of ourselves.

Audivisual dance performance 55 minutes.

Original idea/concept: Ángeles Angulo – Román Torre..
Choreography and interpreter: Ángeles Angulo.
Visual & software design: Román Torre.
Original músic: David Crespo.
Light design: Carles Rigual.
Costume design: Kike Palma/Teresa Helbig.
Executive production: Erre que Erre.


2008 / 2014

Creation residencies:
Pasantías ’09. La Caldera, Barcelona.
Devir CAPa, Faro.
Matadero Madrid, Madrid.
Centro Párraga, Murcia.
Laboral centro de arte y creación industrial, Gijón.
Laboral Teatro, Gijón.
Can Felipa, Barcelona.
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid.